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A Dreamy Bowl of Chicken Curry

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

I love a delicious bowl of chicken curry with a bed of rice. It's a great dish that's pretty easy to make and always great as a leftover.

Now in case you're wondering where the love of chicken curry began - it all began with an episode of Hello Kitty. Yes you read that right - Hello Kitty. When my sister and I were little, there was one episode of Hello Kitty that involved Kitty and Mimmy eating a wonderful plate of chicken curry and rice, an episode you can find on YouTube if your interested. In the episode, Kitty overeats and learns the valuable lesson of start with a small amount and get seconds later. Anyway, after watching that episode, my sister desperately wanted to eat chicken curry, so my mom found a recipe and since then it has been a staple dish that we love.

So here the recipe is to fill your Hello Kitty inspired dreams as well:


1-2 pounds chicken breast, diced

1 stick butter

1-2 tablespoons sweet curry (or whatever type of curry you like)

1 medium sized onion, diced

1-4 tablespoons flour

1 cup chicken broth

2 cups milk, whatever kind you like - we think coconut milk goes best

Vegetables such as cauliflower or carrots, optional

Salt and pepper to taste

Splash of lemon juice

Cooked rice


  1. Place chicken in skillet until cooked through, remove from pan.

  2. Add butter to pan and melt, add curry powder and cook for around 5 minutes to toast the curry.

  3. Add diced until and cook until softened.

  4. Add enough flour to create a roux and cook slightly.

  5. Pour in broth and milk, whisk to eliminate any clumps of roux and curry is slightly thickened.

  6. Place chicken back in curry, if wanted add frozen cauliflower or other vegetable and warm through.

  7. Season with salt and pepper to taste and add a splash of lemon juice for some acidity.

  8. Serve over cooked rice and enjoy!

Here are some guide photos:

Happy Cooking! Enjoy!

- Ellie

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